Many homeowners give little thought to how safe their windows are for their children without realizing that windows can be childproofed. Some companies sell products that make windows hard for little ones to open, while exterior window guards can also help keep children safe. The decision to childproof your windows is a personal one, but it’s important to know that childproofing is available. Here’s what you need to know.

Composite wood is the modern solution to this problem. Composite wood has many benefits that natural wood does not. As a consumer shopping for new windows, it’s helpful and important to understand what composite wood is, why it is useful and how it is maintained.

Why Childproofing Is Important

Every year, around 15,000 children are injured in falls from windows, and about 20 children die. Childproofing can save your child from having a scary (and painful) fall out the window.

How to Childproof Your Windows

Window childproofing takes many forms. If you’ve decided that childproofing is right for your home, you have options! You can decide what’s most appropriate for your child based on their behaviors and the type of windows you have in your home.

Install Childproof Locks

Childproof locks, which are easy to install and remove, are available for sale at stores that sell baby products. When purchasing childproof locks, check to be sure that the locks you buy will work for the style of window in your home. Childproof window locks are subtle, which makes them the preferred type of window childproofing for homeowners who care a lot about the aesthetic appeal of their windows. Before installing any aftermarket products, be sure they will not void the warranty on your windows.

Install Cordless Window Shades

Children can injure themselves when they become caught in window shade strings and cords. Cordless window shades help keep toddlers safe. If you have shades that do have cords and you don’t want to replace your shades, keep the cords tied up and off the ground, so your child can’t access them. You can also purchase a blind cord management product for keeping your window blinds cords off the ground.

Install Window Guards

Window guards prevent children from falling out of windows by attaching to the outside of the window and creating a barrier. You may need to hire a qualified contractor or handyman to ensure the window guards are properly attached.

Talk to Your Children About Window Safety

Most importantly, when your children are old enough to understand how dangerous falling from a window can be, have a talk with them about window safety. Teach your children never to play near an open window, and not to treat windows like toys.

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