Window installation is a major investment. Finding the right installer is critical to ensure the best job and ensure longevity of the windows. Checking references should be an important part of that process. If you’re hiring a window installer soon, here’s what to know about installer references, why they’re important and what other signs to look for before hiring a company.

How to Tell a Quality Replacement Window Installer

Before meeting with a window installer, know the signs of a solid window installation business. If you can recognize these signs in a contractor, you’ll be able to sort through installers easily to decide who to hire.

  • Good customer service. Does the installer have a professional phone manner, return phone calls promptly, and answer questions completely?
  • Industry leader. How long has the window installer been in business, and are they known for their innovation in the industry?
  • Reputation for excellence. Has the installer won awards or are they a member of local associations?
  • Professional website. What is the quality of the installer’s website? Does it accurately describe their products and services?

The answers to these questions should reveal a lot about the installer’s business practices, products and quality of work.

Why Check Window Installer References?

Checking references is one more way to ensure that the window installer you’ve selected cultivates positive relationships with customers while also producing quality work. While checking references is not a fool-proof way to find a good professional, it certainly does help.

What to Ask When Checking References

Before calling a reference, prepare a list of questions. Having a list already written down ensures the conversation will be productive and quick. Some common questions that people ask when checking references:

  • When did you work with this installer?
  • Did they install or repair your windows?
  • Would you re-hire this professional, or recommend them to others?
  • Did your installer encounter challenges on the job, and how did they handle those challenges?
  • Was the work finished on time?
  • Did the installer do the work for the contracted amount? If the amount changed, why?
  • Were you happy with the work the installer did
  • Have you had any problems with your windows since that time?

It’s best to have a list of four or five questions at most, so pick the ones that are most important to you.

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